Lifespan of a Turtle: About Turtles and Tortoises

How long does a Turtle live: According to scientists, some years back, elderly turtles managed to live up to 6 years only. In recent decades, growing efforts and greater awareness put by the turtle enthusiasts in general better resulted in an increase of a turtle’s lifespan, is now documented as more than 40 years and climbing. This is considered to be a very good rate and is the result of efforts of experts such as Dr. John Curnoles. However, it should also be noted that this is based on only a single life span of the particular turtle. Visit here for more information best turtle as pet

What makes a Pet Turtle lives such an amazingly long time? Well, the answer really lies in two places. It is important to note that the two factors listed above (the habitat and the diet) play a vital role in the life expectancy of the pet turtle. Let us look into these two areas more closely.

Habitat: The habitat of turtles consists of sandy and rocky areas mostly situated near the bodies of water or land. The climate and environmental conditions are quite suitable for the growth of certain varieties of turtles, which means that they can live in almost any kind of life condition. However, the type of habitat does matter a lot. So, what makes a very long lifespan of a tortoise or any other kind of live-bearing creature?

Captive bred turtles have been bred in captivity and then kept in zoos and aquariums for a number of years already. In this way, the pet owners and breeders are able to come up with certain features and traits that are usually specific to their species. In some instances, these traits can help them adapt more easily to the outside environment of a captive habitat. And in turn, they can live much longer than their wild ancestors. In fact, many pet owners have reported that their pets were able to live up to forty years when in their natural habitat.

Diet: Turtles are omnivorous creatures. They can eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, meat, insects and even plant materials. However, they cannot grow or reach maturity on vegetation alone. Therefore, pet owners must make sure that they feed their pets with proper nourishment that can also help them reach maturity faster.

With this information in mind, it is easy to understand why owners of a turtle want to see their pet live as long as possible. With proper care and maintenance, they can indeed extend the lifespan of a turtle or tortoise. The key is to provide them with the right nutrition and introduce them to a healthy environment where they can thrive. This is one way of ensuring a healthy and long life for your pet turtle.

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