Why Is Middle School Boys As Involved With Video Games As Teens?

Online video games refer to a type of computer game where the player acts as an avatar and engages in virtual combat or otherwise engages in a virtual activity. An online game is usually a computer game that is mostly either partially or fully played over the Internet or some other peer-to-peer computer network. These types of games have become quite popular among people who play a lot of online games due to their accessibility and affordability. Click here for more information.

Teenagers and children love to play video games because of their ability to be individualistic and customize their characters with different characteristics. They can change their names, change their genders, and even change their professions. This allows them to create an avatar that best matches their interests and capabilities. These individuals can then go on quests, engage in battles, buy and sell property, get married and build up their kingdoms. While some parents are concerned that their teenaged children playing these types of games might lose the ability to think for themselves and be less independent, this is generally not the case; teens and children in this age group usually are quite computer literate and often already play games that involve skill and decision making.

Online video games are particularly popular among younger generations with younger ages. Many of the younger generation grew up with computers and enjoyed computer games when they were younger. The increasing popularity of online gaming has led to an increase in the number of households earning less than $20K per year. For these families earning less than this amount, the cost savings alone from playing games online versus playing in person is reason enough to play networked.

Boys are more likely to play video games online than girls. The reasons for this are not immediately apparent. Perhaps the boys in this age group have access to more male-dominated computer games. Or perhaps the boys are just more outgoing and competitive in nature and prefer to play games that require a good measure of competitiveness and skill. Boys can also be drawn to sports related games more easily than girls; although this too may be an explanation.

Girls tend to be more social and better at multitasking. Teens are more likely to be involved in focus groups than with solitary video games. In a study involving groups of teens, the researchers found that socialization was more important that playing video games. This is a finding that holds true for middle school boys as well as girls. So while focus groups may have been primarily associated with fashion and other extracurricular activities, it is now being strongly suggested that this type of activity is equally important for teens that are both active and socially interactive.

Overall, most teens playing games tend to do so because they find them relaxing and a way to release stress. Teens do report feeling relaxed when participating in a game because they are focused on the interaction with others and not so much on their ability to beat the competition. It is also a form of exercise that helps build muscle strength and also coordination. Many teens also say playing games allows them to have a sense of belonging and to become independent.

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