How to Find and Refill the Fuel Tank on Your Dodge Charger

To get your Dodge Charger back on the road, you need to know how to find and refill the fuel tank. To open the fuel door, you must press the gas door release button on the driver’s side of the car. Most models have a button on the trunk or driver’s side door. If the door is locked, remove the access cover from the trunk and yank the fuel door release cable. You can also try tapping the door to break the ice.

To get a replacement cream charger gas head to Advance Auto Parts. They sell 19 different Gas Cap for your car, which you can order online and pick up at the local store. Some of the most popular Gas Cap products start at $7.79. When you’ve found the right gas cap for your vehicle, you can start restoring your car to factory performance. You can narrow down your search by selecting your vehicle type and price range.

If you have a Dodge Charger, you should never use gasoline with a 15% ethanol blend. This fuel will cause your car’s engine to run lean, making cold starts a challenge. The gas will also void your car’s New Vehicle Warranty. It’s important to use a proper gas blend for your Dodge Charger to ensure its optimal performance. And don’t forget to check your Dodge Charger owner’s manual before buying new fuel.

Premium gas will not only increase the power output of your vehicle, but it will also prevent premature wear and tear on parts. Regular unleaded fuel can lead to pinging and knocking sounds in the engine, which can damage the pistons. Premium gas is recommended for cars with high compression engines. However, it will cost you more than regular unleaded gas. And don’t forget to check the mileage of your vehicle with a tank of premium gas.

The Dodge Charger gas tank size ranges from 18.0 gallons to 19.5 gallons. The capacity of your gas tank depends on the trim level, model options, and year of your vehicle. A 2022 Dodge Charger GT AWD, for instance, has a gas tank capacity of 18.0 gallons. By comparison, the 2006 Dodge Charger V8 Sedan 4D R/T has a 19-gallon tank. The right gas tank size depends on the model and the driving conditions.

If you’re planning to buy a new Dodge Charger, it’s a good idea to know about its fuel specifications. You can use regular unleaded gas in your car. However, high-performance sports cars require more premium gas for performance and safety. Regular unleaded gas can cause premature ignition and knocking, but premium gasoline will give you more power. It’s a good idea to get an e-book from your local dealership and test it.

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