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His domestic assignments included the protection and coordination of advance security plans for U.S. Presidents, senior government officials, foreign heads of state, and major events designated by the U.S. His domestic duty station assignments included Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. For many in the corporate world, personalized protection is a necessity — either on an ongoing basis or during certain trips or events. By the nature of their role, senior executives attract physical harm and potentially hostile acts.

Beyond what interests you, you also need to think about what makes you attractive to others on the team and to employers. Everyone has their own mix of knowledge, skills, experience, and accomplishments. Where you’re at in your life – in terms of significant others, mobility, and expenses-vs-income – among many other things – also plays a role. We all know that travel can be grueling both mentally and physically.

No matter what, training still matters to the performance of protective teams, and whether or not teams receive good training can quickly become a legal issue. Some states offer training programs as a way of soliciting potential candidates for the governor’s security detail. You can always supplement your primary training with Obscure schools, using them to continue your education and keep your skills sharp. Ask for the names of a dozen students who have graduated from the program and see if those people are still in the protection business. Often, they bring a fresh perspective to the industry, have access to the latest technology, and have instructors that are more aware of the current generation’s threats.

“You need to move the safeguarding a person carefully so it doesn’t look like they’re in a plastic bubble,” says Oatman. Glazebrook, who once handled security for Henry Kissinger, says families often are neglected when it comes to executive protection. “The best and easiest target would be a family.” If kidnappers nab a family member, he says, the executive is likely to give them anything they want. Terrorist attacks in the United States, bombings in the Middle East and kidnappings in Latin America have focused the spotlight on improving security for corporate executives when they’re at home or on the road.

And the better your training, the more opportunities you will have to gain employment. And yes, even if you have discharged your weapon in protecting yourself or others, that alone does not automatically qualify you for this significantly challenged and nuanced work. It doesn’t matter if you have killed enemies in a foreign war theater, served in local community protection, or stormed the beaches of Normandy.

She says tailoring the approach to meet a company’s specific needs and risks is critical, based on the company’s baseline of identified and potential risks. After leaving the US Marine Corps as a captain in the early 1990s, Brian has pioneered corporate executive protection services internationally for Fortune 500 companies, high net worth families and NGOs. Protecting the principal’s loved ones in a way that is consistent with family wishes is another way to improve peace of mind. While high net worth parents may require protection for their children, they often do not want to do so in a flashy way. Despite their wealth, they want their children to experience childhoods as close to normal as possible. Well designed and implemented protection programs can provide security without the stereotypical men-in-black bodyguards always hovering around, so families can get on with their lives without distraction.

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